Deaf Actress Deanne Bray also to be in “Sweet Nothings”

Deanna Bray, the Actress who plays in Sue Thomas, will also be in the upcoming CBS hallmark movie, “Sweet Nothings in My Ear”, along with other deaf actors, and actresses.
From her website,

“Written by Deanne Bray
Sunday, 20 January 2008
I will be in a scene in Hallmark’s CBS tv movie. The movie will be airing soon, “Nothing Sweet in My Ear,” starring Marlee Matlin and Jeff Daniels. There are other Deaf artists in the movie as well such as Phyllis Frelich, Ed Waterstreet and Shoshana Stern. Plus deaf children will be in it! Stay tuned…”

[UPDATE: 2008-03-06: Track official updates and view photos on this cbs site.
hat tip to the comment below]

[EDIT: According to this site, the date is set for Sunday, April 20 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Hallmark Published schedule does not go out that far, and her business partner Jack also says it’s not confirmed. ]

Deanne Bray Biography:

Also, interview with/about Deanna Bray by Deaf TV (subtitled and signed)


7 thoughts on “Deaf Actress Deanne Bray also to be in “Sweet Nothings”

  1. Hola Deanne and Troy! It’s so good to see news of you two and the baby after a long time. I’m livving in Utah with my wife, Michelle and my two dogs. 🙂 Of course, I miss California, the fun times we’ve had, etc…

    I look forward to Sweet Nothings!

    Daniel Har (Romania)


  2. Dear sir;
    yes i am so interesting to hear the movies on sweet nothing in my ears.i am forward to see that movies cause marlee matlin and deanne bray. i spend love watch sue thomas fbi show and also marlee matlin in dancing with the stars .so marlee is terrified and fanstaic person and it good actors. i am hard of hearing person and i enjoy it watch is very important for deaf &hard of hearing person to watch that able to see into captioned on tv & movies is great privileage to have it.i am so proud of deanne bray and marlee matlin.thanks sharon mackinnon


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