Marlee Matlin & Steve G at Academy Awards 08 (Subtitled)

Marlee Matlin and Steve Guttenburg interviewed by Lisa Rinni at the Academy Awards 08.

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7 thoughts on “Marlee Matlin & Steve G at Academy Awards 08 (Subtitled)

  1. Interesting to see that MM has not really been a part of the interview.. she barely gets to say much because it doesnt look like she is given the opportunity to.


  2. Lisa Rinni Spent a lot of the interview talking about herself. Steve Guttenberg was chatting very nervously, repeating himself. MM seemed confident, self-assured, and did interact, saying as much as Steve, if you don’t count the repeated phrases or the attempted flattery.


  3. MM said Do you get to eat chocolate at 1:13 and no one even responded to her comment so that is what I mean that she is being ignored!


  4. Lisa Rinni was definitely engaged in audism toward MM. Why Steve Guttenberg chose to be MM’s dancing partner on “Dancing with Stars” tv show? He was a has-been actor.

    Shame on you, Steve Guttenberg for dying your hair and undermine your would-be dancing partner, MM. Please show more respect to MM. Thanks!

    I recently accidently seen “After The Day After” tele-movie on Sci-Fic Channel last weekend with very young Steve Guttenberg. I used to find him cutesy, but not lately after he treated MM that way!

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)
    RLMDEAF blog


  5. Wow, you “visual peeps” really pick up on stuff! That’s amazing!

    I opened it full screen, cranked the volume, and caught some more things. I saw when she signed something about eating, and I heard the interpreter start to say “Did you, did you..” and “Marlee wondered…”. He was very quiet, relative to Steve’s nervously loud talking, and the microphone was on Steve. I couldn’t even hear/understand what the interpreter said, until you pointed out that Marlee had said something that he needed to interpret.

    I have edited the video to include those words and that timing, and also some notes about when MM is voicing, or Interpreter is speaking.


  6. Hi Bill,

    Just a line to drop by . . .

    Thanks a million for captioning trailers and other video clips!



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