Shelly Beattie – Beating the Odds – Subtitled

30 second Clip of Siren, Shelly Beattie from American Gladiators. 1967-2008

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4 thoughts on “Shelly Beattie – Beating the Odds – Subtitled

  1. Completely Deaf since childhood.

    I know it’s hard to believe – her speech is nearly perfect.
    “Shelley Beattie was born in Orange County, California, where she at the age of three suffered from severe hearing loss due to overdose of aspirins; the overdose caused her to lose all her ability to hear in one ear and reduced her ability to hear by thirty percent in the other. This event changed her life at an early age. She was raised in California until age 11, when she moved to Oregon. While living in Oregon and going to school experienced a number of problems; all due to her hearing deficiency. Because of her hearing problems Shelley had trouble socializing at school since she could not communicate with other classmates who thought she was stupid according to her since she could only understand them only if they were facing her. Because of this Beattie became a loner and soon she began to use sports to deal with her frustrations and lack of social life. She would later learn sign language as well as getting several operations and speech therapy to help her deal with her hearing loss.”

    The Wikipedia article has a great biography of her life.


  2. Shelley was a great inspiration to me in the 90’s because of bodybuilding.Later on I realised there was much more to this beautiful lady than just her physique, sorry to hear that she is not amongst us anymore,heaven has got another angel. RIP dear Shelley, this fan will never forget you,….richard.


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