Accessible Video for Deaf and Blind- JM Player

This is really, really cool. This is a video player that displays descriptive audio too. I can’t play the video here, because of WordPress limitations, but there is a sample video that shows an excerpt from ITV’s Coronation Street,

It’s the only player available that can display both closed captions (the “T” button) and a closed audio description (the “A” button). Since it is built in Adobe’s Flash version 7, 99% of your visitors will be able to see it.Other accessibility features of this player are its keyboard controls (UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT and the spacebar), its labelled buttons (for screenreaders) and the fullscreen button to make the video as large as possible. If your visitor is on Internet Explorer, he can use the TAB and ENTER keys to seamlessly tab through and activate all buttons in the controlbar.Just awesome. I have to spend some time, to see if I can try to caption/text a video that way. Don’t look for it soon – it will probably take a long time to do anything using this method.

It looks like one more step would be to have it be able to display a plain text content version.

Hat tip to Kevin on this post: