Billy Joel and Marlee Matlin on Sesame Street

Hat tip to Jim’s Deep Thoughts. I had this half captioned, when Overstream went down. Here’s my try on bubbleply. Took me twice as long.
[Edit: the Original source video came down, and my bubblyply captions went away. I redid it on Overstream]

Vodpod videos no longer available.


12 thoughts on “Billy Joel and Marlee Matlin on Sesame Street

  1. Thanks all!

    How did the “moving captions” work for you guys? I am presuming that Deaf probably percieve it differently than me. I prefer the more linear subtitling. That’s probably why the quality of the spelling and such isn’t as high. It’s almost disorienting to me.
    Overstream is back up, on an upgraded server! Yay! My 60+ captioned videos are not lost!


  2. I prefer linear over bubble. The pointer on the bubble bothers me and it slightly interferes the picture.

    Whew! It would be smart if Overstream back up all work on a different server on a daily basis.

    Thank you Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *I am screaming happily*


  3. Hi Bill,

    Great job 🙂
    Just a line to say that there’s also an easy linear subtitling/captioning tool within Bubbleply, for future reference since the bubbling option is, as you mentioned, more time-consuming.


  4. Thanks EMG.

    For me, the bubbles versions subtitles is not the issue for editing time. Overstream has the text all on the left side, so it’s easy to advance to the text that I need to edit. With Bubbleply, as far as I know, I have to try to locate the period of time the text appears in with the slider – not easy to find a 2 second needle in a 250second haystack.

    WAD, I could chose either pointer or no pointer when I started. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be an option for changing it once it’s done.

    If bubbleply had a few more editing tools with some different options it would be great. The output options it offers are powerful, and can be used to create more flexible captions.

    I might try it more for special projects, but I like Overstreams edit and export options a lot!

    Thanks for all your visits and comments folks! Makes me smile!


  5. thank you ; thank you thank you.. I have always wanted to view that piece but never found it; now its even captioned; thanks for an awesome job; i cant tell you how much I appreciate your sweat … Louise


  6. If anybody watches this again, I removed the pointer-bubbles, adjusted some timings, fixed the spelling errors, and changed some placements that covered faces, and some that could be closer.

    I’d like to know if it’s better.


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