The Invasion (2007) – Subtitled Trailer by ITFC


The mysterious crash of the space shuttle leads to the terrifying discovery that there is something alien within the wreckage. Those who come in contact with it are changing in ominous and inexplicable ways. Soon Washington, DC psychiatrist Carol Bennell and her friend, Dr. Ben Driscoll, learn the shocking truth about the growing extraterrestrial epidemic: it attacks its victims while they sleep, leaving them physically unchanged but strangely unfeeling and inhuman. As the infection spreads, more and more people are altered and it becomes impossible to know who can be trusted. Now Carol’s only hope is to stay awake long enough to find her young son, who may hold the key to stopping the devastating invasion.

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Also Known As:Invasion, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Remake),The Visiting
Genres:Science Fiction/Fantasy, Suspense/Horror, Thriller, Adaptation and Remake
Running Time:1 hr. 39 min.
MPAA Rating:PG-13 for violence, disturbing images and terror.
Distributors:Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures International
DVD Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

The Invasion


2 thoughts on “The Invasion (2007) – Subtitled Trailer by ITFC

  1. I ordered this on Blu-ray Disc, will be watching it sometimes this month. I heard a lot of bad stuff about this movie. Regardless, I will watch it since I watched all of the previous adaptations.


  2. I watched the movie the other night. It is nowhere as bad as the critics made it out to be. It is still enjoyable.

    Just another reason why to not listen to the critics.


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