Pepsi Ad-Pepsi Videos with Keith Wann!

Pepsi has added a section to their website called Bob’s House,

Kemi Productions Press Release – 1/29/08

Adding to the pre-SuperBowl hype with Bob’s House, Pepsi has launched “Smack Talk” with ASL comedians Keith Wann, Coda, and Justin Callaway, Fremont Graduate.

Check out the link at, underASL Bob’s House.

Videos Captioned for the Signing Impaired.


18 thoughts on “Pepsi Ad-Pepsi Videos with Keith Wann!

  1. it became my favorite now. I have seen two commerials a long time ago…one is with the deaf boy smelling the sausage and the other is with the interpreter signing ” Saturn”. Now it is pepsi. I think it is the best one!


  2. It’s terrific! Again…I’m stratching my head…Deaf actors? Why Keith Wann part of this? We have many good Deaf producers! I’m just wondering…the lady who signed…she’s hearing…why not Deaf? “The Big Game” produced by DJ Kurs and hes Deaf… my 2 cents


  3. LOL, that’s so COOL! Thanks so much for your report!!! Whoa!!! Keith Wann is a Pats fan! LOL Gonna be fun to watch! Who is the Deaf Giant actor!! Love him!!! Will there be more videos from Pepsi???


  4. Hey there!
    What an awesome experience!
    My partner was Justin Callaway, a performer from California, founder of the Deaf improv group, ICEWORM.
    He was also the co host with me on the recent Deaf Freedom Cruise on the morning show I did.
    Hand waves for him! And poor guy had to eat 7 hot dogs to get the shot right…hahaha
    See you all behind the scenes!
    Keith Wann


  5. I agree with some of you who think that deaf people should be doing this instead of hearing people. They’ve been doing that for years by using hearing actors in movies that had deaf characters. I want to see deaf actors/ actresses on TV in front of 90 million people!

    However, it’s improving, with using deaf people in CSI tv show last Dec., and two movies “Wrong Game”, and “Forget me not” (but these two movies aren’t broadcast on TV nationwide like CSI was and this Pepsi commerical.)

    Let’s hope that 2008 will be the year for deafhood!


  6. and Shoshana ( ) in Jericho and of course Marlee ( ) making a revival all over TV these days, including the upcoming hallmark channel movie with Jeff Daniels.

    In movies, Russell Harvard ( ) in “There will be Blood”.

    Notably, the character in “What’s bugging Seth”, an interesting looking, award winning film by a apparently by a deaf or hh director, is not deaf (?). Someone can correct me if I am wrong about that – I get that from this page:


  7. Kieth Wann,

    Are you kidding me that this poor Giants Fan guy had to eat 7 hot dogs???? Aw are you trying to make me swallow a BIG WHALE???

    I have a video message for you from this link:

    Is that Pepsi Ad for compeition votes???? Please let me know… Geez, I am thinking about not buying more hot dogs because of that Poor Giants Fan guy!!! Warm hugs, Chicago Bears Fan


  8. Yes, Jimactor, I can see what you mean! AG Bell was half or poorly tasted CODA. I wonder if any CODA will perform or act like “a poorly tasted 1/2 CODA Bell”??? Jimactor, you are right about “hearing people take over” for so many years!!!


  9. I interpret in a middle school. The kids were crazy about the commercial and the ability to communicate with their hearing friends about seeing it. It made them extra cool in school! 🙂


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