Brief Update: Sweet Nothing in my Ear: 2008

Sweet Nothing in my EarI have had an unusual amount of visits to my website looking for info on the Upcoming Jeff Daniels/Marlee Matlin movie – (edit: a CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie coming in April 2008)

This movie is now listed in the Internet Movie Database (imdb) database:

Sweet Nothing in My Ear.

:Jeff Daniels Dan
Marlee Matlin Laura
David Oyelowo Leonard Grisham
Nolan Gould Mark Scott
Jack Laufer Dr. Carl Harvey
Michael Ormsby Todd
Gina D’Acciaro Court Clerk
Justin Grafman William

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5 thoughts on “Brief Update: Sweet Nothing in my Ear: 2008

  1. Will the movie air again? I missed the last 10-15 minutes and what to know what happened. I work with someone that has the cohlear implant and she missed the movie too. Please respond.


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