Welcome to New Viewers from DeafRead!

I consider it an honor to have my posts included in DeafRead, and I am proud to hear myself referred to as one of the “Deaf Allies”.

I want to clarify something quickly.

I have been given permission by iftc , http://yourlocalcinema.com to “link” to their captioned trailers. I started captioning movie trailers, because the ones that I needed, they had not made. I don’t wish to duplicate their efforts, so I include their links to help promote their work also.

So when you see an image, with a link to a trailer – that is a trailer from http://yourlocalcinema.com. I recently started including them in this blog, because they don’t seem to publicize when new ones are available.

When you see a trailer on the blog, with “subtitles by overstream”, those will be the ones that I am making.

Thank you to the publishers of DeafRead, to new readers, to Proud Geek who reviewed Overstream where I do my captions, and to the makers of Overstream.

I hope someday I won’t have to caption movie trailers – that the studios themselves will put some tiny fraction of the millions that they put into movies, into captioning their own movies and trailers.

See You at The Movies!

(I love Insight Cinema’s tagline – “The Audience is Reading”)


5 thoughts on “Welcome to New Viewers from DeafRead!

  1. Hi Bill-

    Thank you for doing captions for us! you are very thoughtful and kind! I wish we have more people like you! Sometimes Hollywood film makers ignore us and we have to bug them until they do it! We need to push for “full communication access” I wish the first run movie (fevery fridays) ready have OC! I hate to wait too long. Many hearing friends of mine are lucky to see and hear the first run movie while we, the deaf audience have to wait, suffer and finally see the captioned movies four months later which they already on DVD! I hate that! it is not fair! we have better technology now! so why wait? it time to have full communication access for all!!! no excuse!!

    anyway thank you Bill!!!

    Gary 🙂


  2. I’m so glad I sent that email to you! Never did I think my complaining would cause us to have a new friend and ally.. 🙂

    Welcome to DeafRead, and see you around at Studio 28 sometime. 🙂


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