National Treasure – Captioned Movie Trailer by ITFC

National Treasure by ITFC
Subtitles by itfc
Yahoo Description: Treasure hunter Benjamin Franklin Gates looks to discover the truth behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, by uncovering the mystery within the 18 pages missing from assassin John Wilkes Booth’s diary.
Release Date:December 21st, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating:PG for some violence and action.
Distributors:Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Starring:Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, Ed Harris, Helen Mirren, Justin Bartha
Directed by:Jon Turteltaub
Produced by:Chad Oman, Mike Stenson, Oren Aviv

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2 thoughts on “National Treasure – Captioned Movie Trailer by ITFC

  1. That is such a good question! No!

    There is a website called, that provides professionally done captioned movie trailers. I had requested permission to display them,but the gave me only permission to link to them. But I think that they need to be publicized more for the professional work they do.

    I found their link from the Insight Cinema website. Insight Cinema is a provider of Open Captioned movies to many theaters, adding captioning by laser to 35mm film.


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