New Marlee Matlin TV Movie with Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels In Sweet Nothing in My Ear

[update, 2008-01-13] This movie is now listed in the Internet Movie Database (imdb) database:

[update 2008-03-06: Scheduled for April 20, see photos and track updates here ]

Sweet Nothing in My Ear.

Jeff Daniels Dan
Marlee Matlin Laura
David Oyelowo Leonard Grisham
Nolan Gould Mark Scott
Jack Laufer Dr. Carl Harvey
Michael Ormsby Todd
Gina D’Acciaro Court Clerk
Justin Grafman William

2 thoughts on “New Marlee Matlin TV Movie with Jeff Daniels

  1. Our power has been off for 5 days, I hope I did not miss this movie on Hallmark! I don’t see it in the newspaper. Keep us up to date, pretty please!



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