CNN Captioned News Service on AOL

[3/17/2011 UPDATE from WGBH Facebook Page Media Access Group at WGBH: “Hi Bill. Yes, unfortunately that effort ended.”]


The Media Access Group continues to caption many CNN news clips which appear on AOL.COM. Get your fix of online news, captioned just for you. This feature will work for pc users, but unfortunately, not for Mac addicts.

To get to them, go to:

Select “News” from categories list on left hand side From the News list, select CNN Look for the CC symbol, press play and you’re set

CNN Captioned News


6 thoughts on “CNN Captioned News Service on AOL

  1. I like to see you that the news video should with caption for deaf .. then so i k know that i was internet video news (cnn , fox news , abc news speak without caption .. so i wish that captioning the internet on video all the time .. what happnens to tell news..


  2. I don’t seem to be able to see the captions for CNN video on this link you referred to in previous page, through the or whatever it was…

    trying to find current captioned news on internet for the current world crises in Japan and in the Middle east. thanks!


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