Why I support equal communication access

This may be as close as I come to creating an entry for the equal communication access contest

Why I support Equal Communication Access for the Deaf (and Blind)

I have been in the dark, but never during daylight.

I have been in the quiet, but not while others speak.

I have been on the outside, while others circled together.

I can’t make the blind see, but I can tell them what there is to see.

I can’t make the deaf hear, but I can speak to them in a way they understand.

If a deaf person can learn to speak and lipread words they have never heard, I can learn to use my hands and my face to express myself to them.

Equal Communication to me is making sure that reasonable measures are taken to ensure that those without sight or hearing are given the chance to live, learn,  speak and earn, right along side those of us with those abilities.

We are all gifted with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. We all have a reason to be here,  we all have something give, and we all need to reach out towards each other.


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