Propose ASL as a High School Language?”There is absolutely NO EXCUSE not to add American Sign Language as a legitimate course of instruction in schools and colleges all over the country.”It sounds like a great idea to me – who’s doing it?How about even a community ed class?


4 thoughts on “Propose ASL as a High School Language?

  1. A lot of high schools do it, but it’s not really officially recognized *everywhere* like Spanish, German and so on are. Northview High School offers it as a foreign language, and so does GRCC.


  2. Available 1st Level GRCC Classes This Fall

    SL- 171 American Sign Language 1
    1968 Lecture 3 3 T 05:45-09:00PM Staff TBA 09/04-12/11 EV
    5034 Lecture 3 3 M 05:45-09:00PM Staff TBA 09/10-12/17 EV
    6219 Lecture 3 3 Th 01:00-04:15PM Staff TBA 09/06-12/20


    SL- 172 American Sign Language 2
    5606 Lecture 3 3 T 05:45-09:00PM Staff TBA 09/04-12/11 EV
    SL- 293 Seminar in Sign Language 3
    5560 Seminar 3 3 Th 05:45-08:45PM Staff TBA 09/06-12/20 EV


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