An answer to the Talkie’s post

Dennis  ( challenge readers to translate Ben Vess’ direct ASLish (  into English. Here goes:Where should I start with my story? Way back when I was a small child, I lived at the VA Home. I had a roommate in my dorm. He was tall and slender. He head would bob when he walked. It was funny, and very noticeable. He had short brown hair, a bird-like nose, and he would get upset easily. We would always pick on him, and always get in trouble. We would roll on the floor laughing at him! I had another roommate, but his was very quiet, and not relevant to the story, so we will leave him out of the story.Now I will go back to the story.One night I was hungry at about three o’clock. I wanted some candy or some soda – something sweet. How could we get it? The guards had a soda machine. We knew we would get in serious trouble! Did we really want trouble? My roommate and I looked at each other. What should we do? Suddenly, an idea popped in to our heads. We thought about the roommate in the next room, with the short brown hair.He was very small, and we could boost him through the window. My roommate and I are bigger, and can’t fit through that small area. My roommate tiptoed into the next room. He explained the plan, and the boy nodded that he understood and would do it. I tiptoed into the next room. We wondered if we should do it?Quietly, we opened the window, and pushed the small boy out. We tried to do it slowly and quietly. We had to manipulate him to try to get him through – we were worried that we would push too hard and break the window. Boom! The boy fell quickly to the ground, and rolled. We threw the money out to him. We told him to hurry, but to hold on to the money so that he would not lose it. He picked up all the money, and went off for the vending machine.The boy went really fast! My roommate and I went back to our rooms quietly. We got into our beds, and waited. Nothing happened.We waited a very long time. Finally, we gave up and went to sleep. In the morning, we woke up, a little curious what happened, and a little mad that we didn’t get our soda. The small boy said “It’s not my fault”. I hurried, but when I got there, the houseparent was standing at the machine.We were taken back. “What happened to the money?”He said “The houseparent kept it”.I was mad, and shook my fist. “She can’t take my money. She stole my money – she doesn’t need it!” It made me really mad. “She had no right!” My other roommate smiled knowingly.They got me! I am so stupid!


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