Equal Communication Access

A Deafpundit has announced a video project – Equal Communication Access

The project is designed to bring attention to  some core Deaf issues:

We are denied equal access to communication in education when parents are lied to about American Sign Language being a failure for the deaf and that cochlear implants are only the way to help deaf children learn. That is a lie, and denies us equal access to communication. One size does not fit all.

We are denied equal access to communication in our everday lives when we cannot get a qualified interpreter when it’s needed.

We are denied equal access to communication when businesses refuse to accept our relay calls or when a television show isn’t captioned, or when there’s no ticker screens in public transportation areas so we are aware of what is going on.

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  1. […] ticker screens and calling out for captioning on TV and in movies you can help the Deaf acquire ‘Equal Communication Access’. These are things you can help with it doesn’t cost you much; a phone call to the local […]


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