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“It’s A New Day” – will.i.am

Captioned by YouTube user illywilly

more about ""It’s A New Day" – will.i.am", posted with vodpod

Glad to see users picking up the captioning (well, technically subtitling, but I don’t expect that many people know/understand the difference)! Kudos!

Maybe in this “New Day”, I will have to find some other hobby, other than captioning internet videos?

Adding Captions to YouTube: Resource Links

ProudGeek Reviews of some captioning methods

Other Captioning Options:

And Caption Keeper, for converting TV Closed caption data into webstreaming formats.

If there is interest in more in-depth review or instruction in these, please comment.

You Tube Embedded Player Now Supports Captions!

From the YouTube BlogNew Features for the YouTube Embeddable Video

Closed Captions are now available in embedded videos like this one:
(My Captioned Video of SuperNanny inserted)

Also Featured:

High-quality start images (thumbnails) – Before you press play on embedded YouTube videos, the thumbnails for the video will be presented in high-quality. We’re pleased with the results – let us know if you agree.

Search in embeddable player – At the close of an embedded video, along with the usual recommended videos and URLs, a search box will appear. Not only will you be able search from within the embedded player, you will be able to watch videos through the same window. That’s right, you can search all of YouTube from the comfort of your favorite blog, news, or humor page.

Integrated video annotations – Annotations enable video producers to incorporate text information into their videos, create choose your own adventure-style stories or add links to any YouTube video. People watching videos through the embedded player can now join the fun.

You Tube and CBS: Full Length videos, without the captions.

You Tube begins full length tv shows – sans captions.

MacGyver – Love MacGyver:

No Captions. (I am not sure the embed works either)

Go here to Jamie Berke’s article for some ways to contact them, and put your comment on the youtube blog article.

The Article:

Hungry for more? YouTube now serving full-length TV dinners http://www.youtube.com/blog?entry=F1xABdzKby4

We are starting to test full-length programming on YouTube, beginning with some fan favorites requested by you. Let’s see if you know your full-length TV …

You asked to be beamed up with Scotty, to devise a world-saving weapon using only gum and paperclips, and to get your grub on at “The Peach Pit”. So we’re giving you full-length episodes of these shows and many others.

These shows will be available in the new Theater View style we rolled out earlier this week, which provides optimal experience for watching full-length programming on your computer. Our new full-length format, in conjunction with the launch of our new player, marks an exciting milestone for YouTube as we continue our efforts to expand user choice and improve viewer experience.