Got a Funny Video from YouTube/Google/MySpace you want to see captioned? A movie trailer that I missed?

Go ahead, make a request – If I get the chance, I’ll go ahead and give it a shot.
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Sorry, at this time I can only caption, YouTube, Google Video, MySpace Video, Dailymotion, Veoh, and online videos, so unless you can get the source, or have them uploaded, the best I could do would be a transcript. This means I am NOT able to caption HULU, NBC, and MTV stuff without a file.

[sources updated 8/20 to include and]

294 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Debby

    HI Bill,

    I actually do not have a request – yet. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for giving up your free time to caption these trailers. If only every one would do half of the effort that you do to serve their community, the world would be a better place. I do not know if you receive much recognition from others, but I want to ensure you that at least in my household there is a lot of appreciation for your work. I love to check your blog to catch the latest trailers!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Amp

    Why are you captioning movie trailers that already are captioned? Do you know of this site that has captions for movie trailers? It is a UK site but it’s mostly US movies anyway. Don’t knock yourself out captioning things that already exist. Focus on You Tube if you are bored! :-)


  3. Bill

    Hi Amp!

    I don’t try to caption movie trailers that are already captioned – if you notice, I do make blog posts about the captioned trailers that are on, and caption the movies that do not exist there. The category list shows the two categories:
    -Captioned Movie Trailers – The ones I do
    -Captioned Movie Trailers By ITFC (which also includes IMS) – the ones I find on yourlocal cinema.

    There are some exceptions, for movies that either:
    1. Were not yet on their site when I looked (ie, I am Legend)
    2. I could not find them when I looked. (ie Atonement)
    3. Before I knew about yourlocal cinema (Shrek 3, Spiderman 3, Evan Almighty, Bee Movie)

    I am happy to promote anyone’s work that is already done! I look to see if movies that are opening, and movies that are coming out on DVD have been captioned, through google and, and then put them out.

    Thanks for your comment, Amp!

  4. Sunshine

    Bill!! you should totally caption music videos.
    keep up the great work.
    a lot of people really appreciate what you do. :)

  5. Shernika Holley

    Hello this is Shernika Holley. I just wonder can you do subtitles for this music video of Whitney Houston and CECE “Count on Me” if you have a time , thanks you again , NIKA

  6. Beth


    I was wondering if you’d be willing to close caption the Indiana Jones movie that’s coming out soon. Thank you for your dedication. Its greatly appreciated. Keep practicing your signs!

  7. Richard Roehm

    Your blog/vlog was found in the gutter page of a popular blog aggregator. What kind of a message is that? At all blogs/vlogs will have it’s fair time on the hot list in the front page of our blog/vlog aggregator. Give the Hearing For Life Foundation the chance to market your blog and vlogs for free.

    Take a look at it. Trust me, you’ll like the idea. And it’s gonna get a cosmetic makeover.


  8. Bill Post author

    Hi Jane!

    That video is 59 minutes, which amounts to about 20 hours captioning. Have you inquired already of the producers whether there is a transcript available?

    I am not unwilling, but that is an extended project, given my limited spare time.

  9. Jane

    Great! I totally understand about the time issue- I’ve sent emails to Google and Mike Pollan asking for transcripts and hopefully will hear from them. Thanks for the suggestion!

  10. Troels Madsen


    It’s a fanatics homepage with captioning movies!
    I request captioning on the trailer to “Sweet nothing in my ears” if it’s possible?


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  12. Moebius

    Hey, can you caption this Monty Python skit, “Four Yorkshiremen”? It was the inspiration for the deaf skit “Four Deaf Yorkshiremen”. Thanks.



    Hey Bill, can you try captioning some of the internet’s viral videos?
    I’m talking about videos like “leave britney alone” or the landlord video.

  14. Brance Long

    Hi Bill,

    I got two youtube video with captoned with PLY for free (up to 5k only). my plm is that they only caption up to 5 min show.

    Wonder if you will be willing to caption “ALICE Experiment, Large Hadron Collier, LHC” 8 min video?
    Here’s the link and let me know if u can.

    MILLION Thanks for your willing to help Deaf community!


  15. drmzz

    Hello, couldn’t find ur email for transcript request only. Can u do this for me plez? Thanks. Email me please.

    Pavlov’s Altoids (the office)

  16. Bill Post author

    “Here’s One”, I captioned the trailer for that MTV series, because it was available on YouTube.

    There are 6 episodes, only available on, and the only way I could caption them is to illegally download and host them. If anybody’s a lawyer, it could be fun, but I don’t have the resources myself to fight ViaCom.

    So far, only one person has complained in their comments about the lack of closed captions. Please add yours.

  17. kim

    Hi Bill,
    I really, really want to see the Palin interview by Katie Couric in captions. There are several segments. These aren’t funny of course, but it bothers me they aren’t captioned cuz they’re important.


  18. Ecnarb

    Good afternoon,

    I just got an email from Dan who was offended by this video and also with many Deaf people. They flagged it but it was not removed.
    They wanted to know what they were talking about.

    I encouraged them to email or write a letter to YouTube and NAD about this video
    Here’s the link


  19. Rosaline Crawford

    Any chance you could caption the video at

    This video clip about converter boxes needed for old (analog) TVs to continue working after February 19, 2009, is really funny.

    Closed captioning for digital television transmissions is not the only problem.


  20. brian morace

    I have one question… curious about your work with subtitle on video or film and was wondering how quick you can input subtitle in 5 minutes worth of content?

  21. bill

    Ecnarb, just a reminder – I am not able to caption Hulu and NBC stuff.
    Youtube pulls this stuff immediately. I can do a transcript, or if someone can provide the video clip in one of the formats above, or in wmv or similar format, I can caption it.

    Update: I think a transcript wouldn’t work very well for this video.

  22. Bill

    It would probably cost about $70 for total recorder + video, to record the video from nbc site, and then I would have to upload it illegally.

    I could start a donation fund for legal defense…..

    I am trying to work with tubecaption or overstream to add that capability, or find somebody 3rd party to create an app that would play captions along side it, but no luck so far.

  23. Ecnarb

    Oh man. I got it from my friend. I was planning to post it in my blog. Por favor to caption this a very powerful message (that’s what he say to me).


  24. Deafeye


    Been searching around for full clip of Barack Obama Acceptance Speech in Chicago. ONly found part one of 5 captioned.

    Would you please have whole speech in either subtitled or closed captioned.

    Couldnt find full victory speech to submit. Any idea where u can swap one off?


  25. Deaf Trekkie

    Hello Bill!

    First of all, I want to thank you very much for posting closed captioned movie trailers. Now, I would like to ask you to add closed captioning into the new Star Trek movie trailer which is released a few weeks ago. It is now available at and youtube.

    Thanks! :)

  26. Bill Post author

    Drew, I haven’t ignored you, but that video is difficult for me to listen to – vulgar, and his voice is annoying, but I’ll try to see if I can get past that.

  27. Drew

    i’m sorry, i didnt know what the video was about. my sister just said it was funny and i was curious. you don’t have to waste time captioning it.

  28. gally grad

    This is a clip from the comedian/ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham. He has a segment about what happend when a group of deaf people came to his show in Washington DC. It was his first experience with an ASL interpreter at his performance, and things got silly.


  29. Catherine


    I was wondering if you could caption the whole president obama’s inauguration (swearing in and speech part). My friend is upset that she missed the whole thing and I was searching high and low on the internet for this kind of video but I came across your site and I thought you might be able to help out?

    If you could do this- that would be appreciated. I’m sure there’s lot of deaf people out there has missed the whole thing as well too! :-)


  30. Beth

    Hey Bill-

    I was wondering if you’d could subtitle/caption the movie trailer for Two Lovers with Joaquin Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow and Vinessa Shaw. If not- totally understand. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  31. raychelle

    Hi bill, I’d love to caption my own videos which are in ASL – for people who don’t know ASL. what is the program you use to caption yours?


    Thanks, Raychelle

  32. Brishti

    Hello Billy!
    Just wanna say, that your are doing a fantastic thing here.
    Keep up the great work! We all greatly apprechiate what you do!!

  33. speakuplibrarian

    Hi Bill,
    I would like to post two very helpful YouTube videos on hearing tests to my blog but unfortunately they are not captioned. It doesn’t feel right to me to post them as they are now as the majority of my readers have a hearing loss. I was wondering if you would consider captioning them.
    Here are the links:
    Hearing Loss: Testing and Hearing Aids : Testing the Middle Ear
    Hearing Loss: Testing and Hearing Aids : Hearing Test Demonstration
    Thanks for considering my request.
    A big fan of yours, Sarah

  34. David Seitchik

    Is there a listing of upcoming May 9th opening of Star Trek in Open Captioned (actual captioned on the screen not via Rear Window viewing ) that I could check out for either New York, NJ or PA area theaters? Please email me at

    Thank you,

  35. Jesse

    Hello! First I would like to take the time to thank you for captioning online videos for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. I really appreciate that!

    I do have a request to have a certain video in response to Prop 8 captioned. Here’s the link:

    Again, thank you!

  36. Ecnarb

    Hi Vill!

    Governor Aronld of CA and other scientists will have an offical visit at National Ignition Facility. I would love for yu to caption it for the Deaf.

  37. Pod

    Hi Bill,

    Great, now I felt more friendly to use your site to watch something with caption!
    My frist request is Johnny Cash’s Hurt.


  38. Donald Cox

    Yes, I have a problem with Internet Explorer and writerep.
    I have found that if I open the witerep link in a minimized window, then it will load. Then you can maximize it and everything is ok, except/unless you refresh the page.

  39. Mich


    QueenAlpo sent me to your request site — I’m hoping you can caption this…

    Let me know :) thanks!


  40. Hilari Scarl

    Hello Bill -

    Hope you are having a good summer! Our “I’m Hilari Scarl” Spartacus Spoof that you captioned became corrupt and I had to repost it so your old link doesn’t work.

    Can you please re-caption/re-link to the new youtube of the same video so we can add the link to our “See What I’m Saying” website?

    Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!

    Hilari Scarl

  41. Anna Stott

    I would love to see “Sweet talking Guy” with subtitles or captions.
    Also, thank you for the work you do so people like myself can enjoy the
    things we used too. It’s blessing to me.

  42. Frank "Subtitleman"

    Wow, someone else is also doing this. Wonderful, and bless you.

    I have been learning to subtitle many songs I heard growing up BUT never could figure out all the words. So, as “Subtitleman” I have been learning to make subtitled videos for three years with Windows Movie Maker 2. I prefer the permanent subtitles so someone can download them and view any time at home.

    I am severely Hard of Hearing, really Deaf.

    Anyway blessings again to you.

  43. Kucha

    Im a big fan of this comic book, Invincible and saw this video.. I m curious what the writer, Robert Kirkman was talking about..

    if able to do: no pressure-

    yet many thanks!

  44. manyworldsnetwork

    2 things, the first. I am beginning a series on disability studies and all things disability on my site, and was wondering the best way to caption a youtube video, the first video is on the site but is not captioned? the video can be found at manyworldsnetwork’s youtube page. IT’s called Professor Alex Lubet Play Disability Studies Vol. 1.
    2. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to join the manyworldsnetwork community, its free of charge, you can blog at your leisure and link to your site and network with other people who have a stakehold in disability. thank you,
    Alexander Kaminsky,

  45. David

    Hi Bill,

    thank you for Law Abiding Citizen. I have another great trailer :).
    It looks very weird …………and funny.

    Can you caption it?

    Many thanks

  46. Maj

    Could you caption trailer “The girl from monaco”
    I want to know what the navigator say
    Thank you very much.

  47. dan

    Hi Bill!
    Could you please caption “art and copy” trailer? it’s about advertising and inspiration

    Love you work and Thanks you so much :)

  48. pCk

    First of all, I’d like to thank you to make it possible for me to translate the movie trailers to Hungarian. It would be very difficult to do that without subtitles.
    Keep up the great work and bring us new movie trailers with subtitles!

  49. bb

    Hello Bill !
    R u busy with many request?
    If u free please caption “paper heart” another story of love movie trailer
    with youtube link.

    Very thank. :)

  50. pCk

    Sorry for asking so much, I just want to translate them to hungarian people.
    Could you caption these new trailers?:
    Prince of Persia
    Sherlock Holmes
    Clash of the Titans

    Thx very much!

  51. rgberman

    Can you caption this interview about deaf-blind triplet:

    What you’re doing is amazing-you have no idea how much I appreciate it!!


  52. Terry Giansanti

    Hello. I would like to thank a friend who referred me to you when I mentioned how much I would like to have a specific Youtube clip captioned.

    Hereby, with all due respect to your busy schedule, I get down on my knees and gently beg you to grant me my wish whenever you can!

    Thanks a billion in advance.

  53. pCk

    Please caption the following trailers:

    Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief :

    Season of the Witch :

    Thx very much!

  54. bb

    Hello bill!
    How r u ? why u don’t post a caption trailer on about 6 day ?
    I love you work. Hope u come back soon.

    1. Donna

      Hi Bill…
      I want to be on the subscribers list…I would love to know the newest videos with captions added by YOU! Don’t want to be behind! Smile! By the way thank you sooooo much for doing this captioning job for us! You are wonderful!
      Happy 2010!

  55. Getro Guimarães

    Hey, man. Just to inform you that “Whip It” trailer on Overstream isn’t working. I try to watch but the video has removed.

    Congratulations for your excelent work.

  56. Marjie


    Where can I get the .srt files so I can download them, hardcode with one of the tools and watch the trailers in our (captioned) backyard movie theater?

  57. funnyoldlife

    Hi Bill

    I have a request and would be really grateful if you could help out! I have uploaded a video of my CI activation and a friend with CI has transcribed it. It doesn’t quite match and I have just uploaded it again in txt but am not sure if it is right in terms of timing. There are also a few words missing. Would you have the time to have a look? I can email the transcript if you need it.

    Link is at

    All the best

  58. pCk

    Hi Bill!

    Now you only publish your videos on dotsub?
    If you have time, please caption the new The Expendables trailer:


  59. Jordan

    hi Bil love your trailers thansk for all your hard work do you think you could maybe caption this new eclipse trailer please

    thanks :)

  60. pCk

    Hi Bill!

    Please caption the following trailers:
    Sucker Punch

    The Goon




    The Company Men


  61. pCk

    Bill, thank you for the videos I asked!
    A new trailer came out for Black Swan, it would be nice to see it captioned.


  62. Amy

    Hi, I just saw your web site in passing and I think it’s great that you caption the trailers for the hearing impaired. I work (for fun) with a translation group that does movie trailers. We (mostly me, for now) caption the trailers in English first, then translate them. I noticed some of the titles we did are not in here. Would you like a copy of the subtitle files? Because it’s really no additional work from me, I just need to give you a copy of the English files I already created. I’m not here to advertise or anything (and there won’t be any in the subtitle files of course), just thought I could be of help. Let me know!

  63. Erin

    Can you please add captions to this trailer? We would like to know if we should go ahead and buy the video for our school. Thank you, Bill!

      1. Bill Post author

        Thanks for letting me know – I forgot to “make it public” after I finished the captions. I *usually* double check….

  64. pCk

    I would like to attract your attention to the new Rite trailer:

    And by the way, I checked your Jane Eyre trailer and it isn’t available to me.

  65. Mark Vandevelde

    Can you please please please make this caption. I’m deaf actually and I REALLY NEED TO UNDERSTAND what are they trying to say PLEASEEEEE!!!!!

    [] Link removed

    1. Bill Post author

      That’s a long one, but I’ll do it – if you put post on comment on their video requesting captions. We want YT Creators to start captioning their own videos – They benefit from it!

      1. Mark vandevelde

        I have been trying to request for caption since the first day it was posted on yt but nothing… But THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!! U have no idea how appreciate i am

      2. Bill Post author

        Sent to the email address you submitted. I probably won’t keep it for long, since they couldn’t do it without using “language”.

      1. pCk

        Thanks, you helped me a lot!
        Now I would like to ask for the X-men: First Class trailer caption if it’s possible.


  66. Michael Lockrey

    Hi Bill.

    I don’t know if this needs to be captioned (or not), as there is quite a bit of dialogue being “captioned” (or shown on the screen might be the appropriate term).

    Can you give it a quick look and let me know?

    Here’s the link:

    Cheers for now,
    Mike Lockrey

      1. pCk

        I see. Actually I need 1 sentence from this trailer. Mickey Rourke says: “The Gods may be on your side, but … has just begun”. I can’t understand what he says there.

  67. Bill

    pCk :
    I see. Actually I need 1 sentence from this trailer. Mickey Rourke says: “The Gods may be on your side, but … has just begun”. I can’t understand what he says there.

    It sounds like “your feign has just begun”, but that doesn’t seem to make sense. I chose fight as the closest word I could, but not convinced that it’s right.

    Here’s mine

  68. frank

    Very nice work. I was wondering if you know of
    any sites where I could download movie trailers
    with subtitles or srt files? I’d like to use them in
    my classes.

  69. Ernie McDaniel

    Hi Bill. Hilari Scari recommended that I contact you about captioning for a video that I already have on YouTube. I’m a deaf musician and you can view the video by typing “Ernest-Deaf Bassist” in the search slot and watch the video. I hope you can because I”d like for more deaf viewers to enjoy the song. I also have a few more videos of my music on DVD but have no idea how to upload to YouTube. Any help in that area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Ernie McDaniel

  70. ThingOne

    Hi Bill, thanks for all you do!

    I’m a new owner of a Roku 2 device that I use for Netflix and Huluplus captioned video.

    I’ve noticed that Roku 2 has a lot of free channels for special interest groups (but not deaf user groups). I’m wondering if there are technophiles that have an interest in setting up a Deaf Friendly Roku 2 channel for other deaf Roku 2 users to enjoy. I have no idea what might be involved or if one might be in the works from the captioning blogroll you feature here.

    Just asking. Thanks for reading. I have a post at



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